First day blogging

My first day blogging has been a very positive experience.  I’ve got to grips with the whole concept and have discovered some great blogs other people have been working on for years! Perhaps if I work at mine it can become long-lasting as well.


What I expected

I expected blogging to be a lonely pastime, but I’ve felt socially active and discovered lots of new people.


What I now expect

I expect to have my eyes opened in many ways by many people, sharing themselves all over the world.


5 thoughts on “First day blogging

  1. Blogging can be lonely, and it can seem like you’re banging your head against a brick wall when you write day in and day out and no one comments or visits or notices. But writing itself, with or without blogging, is a necessarily isolating task, since one must spend a significant amount of time focused on writing, which means not interacting with others.

    This is a good thing, because the process of writing therefore has a selective effect, discouraging those who are easily discouraged, and leaving only those who are determined to write regardless of the cost and the response.

    In any case, welcome to the blogosphere.

    Best wishes,


  2. Welcome to despair and long hours of wasting time…. we welcome you with open arms. Soon, you’ll be like me…writing nonsense and dishing out worthless advice in my bathrobe and slippers. Just kidding, of course (maybe). At least you’ll be able to express yourself and have an outlet besides your cat Mr. Cuddles and your imaginary stalker (my imaginary stalker is Cyndi so you can’t use that name!).

    The best of luck to you! I’ll follow you and you are more than welcome to stop by and leave a comment or suggestion on my site. But remember, it has to be “worthless advice”.

    Thanks for visiting my site ( about worthless advice.

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